RTM Special Issue - The Internet of Things


Research-Technology Management, the award-winning journal of IRI (www.iriweb.org), seeks articles for a special issue on What R&D Leaders Need to Know About the Internet of Things.

As sensors become cheaper and wireless connectivity ever more ubiquitous, physical devices are increasingly joining in the flow of data across space and time. Once-isolated household objects—everything from thermostats to running shoes—now communicate with their manufacturers, their owners, and even each other. Large, industrial machines, jet engines, automobiles, even tires send a continuous stream of information about performance and maintenance needs to operators and service providers. All of these data flows make up the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Clearly, the growth of the IoT will have real implications for innovation, in terms of new possibilities for invention and new business models. To take advantage of those opportunities, R&D leaders must understand the capabilities, limitations, and challenges of the IoT. RTM is seeking articles that define and explore issues related to the IoT that R&D leaders must understand. Specific topics may include but are not restricted to 

  • New value propositions and new business models enabled by IoT
  • Approaches for feeding IoT data back into the innovation process
  • Tools and approaches for managing data flows
  • Applications of analytics and analytical models to deliver value from IoT
  • IoT-related security and privacy issues and approaches, including both device/infrastructure and human aspects of security

RTM articles are original and practice centered, offering practical information, real-world case studies, tools and frameworks, and lessons readers can put to work immediately.
To be considered for the special issue, articles should be submitted by December 1, 2017, via RTM’s Editorial Manager system at www.editorialmanager.com/rtm/. Please select Special Issue Article as the article type and note the special issue title in the appropriate space.

About RTM
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