RTM - Vol 60 No 5 September-October 2017 Table of Contents

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News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble
From the Editor
Navigating the Digitalization of R&D
Jim Euchner
Innovation in China
Jim Euchner, Edward Tse
Point of View
Digitalizing Collaboration
Stephanie Orellana
Research Note
Digitalization and Its Implications for R&D Management
Industrial Research Institute
IRI Research
On the Impact of Digitalization on R&D
Ted Farrington and Azar Alizadeh
IRI Research
Leveraging Virtual Experimentation and Simulation to Improve R&D Performance
Anita Friis Sommer, Ajith Rao & Chris Koh
IRI  Research
Big Data and the Future of R&D Management
Michael Blackburn, Jeffrey Alexander, J. David Legan & Diego Klabjan
Innovation Counterculture
Connecting to the Counterculture: The Interview Guide
Randall S. Wright
The Datification of Human Resources
MaryAnne Gobble
Innovation C-Scape
Make Something Happen
Charles Chase