RTM - Volume 60, Issue 2, March-April 2017 Table of Contents

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From the Editor
Where Do You LIve?
James Eucher
Feature Article
Leveraging Lean Principles in R&D
Norbert Majerus
Feature Article
The Evolution of an Innovation Capability: Making Internal Idea Competitions Work in a Large Enterprise
Calvin Smith, Sebastian K. Fisxon, Carolos Paniagua-Ferrari, Salvatore Parise
Feature Article
Innovation Training: Making Innovation a Core Competency
Timothy L. Michaelis, Stephen K. Markham
Feature Article
Give Awary Your Digital Services: Leveraging Big Data to Capture Value
Daniel Trabucchi, Tommaso Buganza, Elena Pellizzoni
Science and tech leaders offer advice to President Trump... other news
MaryAnne Gobble
Disciplined Innovation
Kaigham Gabriel and Jim Euchner
Innovation Counterculture
Strategy Inversion: Engaging with the Counterculture
Randall S. Wright
Defining the Sharing Economy
MaryAnne Gobble
Innovation C-Scape
Building an Online Community
Jennifer Owen