RTM - Volume 61, Issue 2 Table of Contents

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News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble
From the Editor
Lean Innovation
Jim Euchner
Competing in Ecosystems
An Interview with Marco Iansiti
Feature Article
Agile-Stage-Gate for Manufacturers
Robert G. Cooper and Anita Friis Sommer
Feature Article
Conducting Business Experiments: Validating New Business Models
Abhijit Ganguly and Jim Euchner
Debbie Kalish, Susan Burek, Amy Costello, Lawrence Schwartz, and John Taylor
Feature Article
Stefan Kurpjuweit, Dagmar Reinerth, and Stephan M. Wagner
Innovation Counterculture
Twelve True Principles of Innovation
Randall S. Wright
The Varieties of Corporate Venturing
MaryAnne Gobble
Innovation C-Scape
Technology to Empower People
Kevin Scott