RTM - Volume 61, Issue 4 Table of Contents

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MaryAnne M. Gobble
From the Editor
Jim Euchner
Jim Euchner interviews Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella
Feature Article
Andy Zynga, Kathleen Diener, Christoph Ihl, Dirk Lüttgens, Frank Piller & Bruno Scherb
Feature Article
Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini, Corentin Duvert & Mathilde Esquirol
IRI Research
J. Stewart Witzeman, Pamela Henderson, Aaron G. Welling & Raymond Cosner
Managers At Work
Allison G. Butler & Michael A. Roberto
Innovations for Innovators
Roger Smith
MaryAnne M. Gobble
Innovation C-Scape
Innovation Research Interchange