Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC, says Manufacturing is Being Radically Disrupted

Opportunity for New Types of Jobs to be Created Due to Innovations in Additive Manufacturing, Design and Funding

Seattle, WA (April 28, 2015)—The democratization of manufacturing is well underway. Strong early indicators, including new funding models, 3D printing, and manufacturing software tools, will radically change the way people and companies manufacture (e.g. “make”) goods. Products can be made—with a very customizable and personal approach—without the need for teams of human experts in the immediate area, and with little to no manufacturing expertise, says Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC. In his keynote address at this morning’s Industrial Research Institute’s (IRI) 2015 Annual Meeting, Hoover explained how these important shifts in the way things are made carry significant potential to alter the way manufacturing is handled worldwide. The democratizing trend, he claims, will create new types of jobs in the manufacturing sector, ultimately shifting the global manufacturing economy.

“Additive manufacturing alters the manufacturing ecosystem in ways we are beginning to better understand,” said Daniel Abramowicz, IRI Chairman and Chief Technology Officer at Crown Holdings, Inc. “What is interesting is how such technology accelerates speed-to-market of R&D and technology development, as well as altering the manufacturing landscape.”

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, allows manufacturers to use resources at hand to generate a product in very little time with less material at potentially lower cost. While this type of manufacturing is not yet widespread enough to transform global manufacturing, most product developers look at this technology as a potential boon to product development. Though many argue that 3D printing technology might disrupt traditional manufacturing, Hoover said this may not be the case. 3D printing, along with new software design tools, adds value by giving product developers greater flexibility.   

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