Webinar - Biologically Inspired Design Industry Group

Innovation is the top reason to embark on a biologically inspired design (BID) project, according to attendees of IRI's 2017 webinar "Biologically Inspired Design for Industry: An Evolving Practice." How does BID drive innovation, and how else might BID contribute to an organization's success? This IRI industry group will focus on understanding how BID can contribute to an organization, what types of problems BID can help solve, best practices for executing BID projects, and how to gain acceptance and adoption of BID within an organization. 

As an industry-led group we are looking for industry practitioners with biologically inspired design or biomimicry experience, who are interested in sharing success stories, best practices and challenges faced.  Please join us for a participatory discussion to help set the direction for the group. In this call we will facilitate a discussion with potential members to better understand how organizations currently practice biologically inspired design, the kinds of problems BID is being used to solve, and how the group might best serve the community’s needs. Call participants will be invited to participate in future BID-group opportunities, including webinars, workshops, research projects, and meetings at IRI annual events.

Team members: Marsha Forthofer and Clay Bunyard from Kimberly-Clark Corporation; Michael Helms, from the Center for Biologically Inspired Design at Georgia Tech