Webinar: A Simplified Approach to Front End Innovation

Do you ever feel like your teams are in motion, but not making progress? While big companies recognize their need to transform in response to rapidly changing markets and disruptive forces, they are struggling more than ever to let go of what once made them successful. They are attempting to protect the status quo and are reluctant to change their core offerings and their business models. By minimizing risk and avoiding opportunity, they offer small renovations and fail to deliver disruptive innovation. But why?

Two reasons – processes and people. In order for big companies to compete in this new and ever changing world, they need to transform their culture and their ways of working. Every employee must play a role in this transformation and break their innovation routine.  Learn how we have transformed Front End Innovation at Kimberly-Clark by simplifying deliverables, encouraging mindset shifts, and empowering teams.

Logged in IRI members can watch the recording of the webinar here: https://www.pathlms.com/iri-learningcenter/events/401/video_presentations/161415