Weekly Member Update - July 20, 2020

Network with other IRI members at our Virtual Fall Networks Conference

For the first time ever IRI is turning its Fall Networks Conference into an online event! IRI’s Networks bring practitioners together to explore member-chosen topics through a combination of peer presentations, interactive roundtables, guest speakers, and workshops. Sessions are designed to be highly interactive and encourage participation from all in attendance. Webinar sessions will be open to all registered conference attendees, while roundtable discussions will be limited to Network Members. Attendees will have the opportunity to share pain points and troubleshoot with their peers, allowing them to easily digest valuable insights with specific steps and strategies in hand.

The Fall Networks Conference will convene virtually September 14-18, 2020. These free virtual sessions will be a blend of webinars, interactive roundtable discussions, and organized networking activities, and exclusive to IRI members.

Topics include:

  • The Future of Remote Work and Collaborating Virtually
  • Managing Innovation Remotely and Coping with Distributed Teams
  • New Strategies for Voice of the Customer During Pandemic
  • The (Remote) Research Lab of the Future
  • Corporate and University Partnerships in Fighting COVID-19 featuring the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Relationship Building Without ROI
  • Best Practices to Minimize In-Person Customer Contact During Prototyping Phase
  • Maximizing Productivity and Adapting Corporate Culture to the Remote Office
  • Hiring and Onboarding Remote Talent
  • Considerations for Safely Reopening Offices and Labs
  • Opportunity Processing
  • Predicting Federally-Funded R&D Outcomes with Ideation, Project, and Organizational Factors
  • Identifying and Partnering with International Startups
  • Emerging Technologies IP Licensing – What Happens When Your Technology Partners Goes Bankrupt
  • Digitalization and Data

There are currently six Networks in this program (External TechnologyHuman Resources, Information Services/TechnologyInnovation Leaders,  Intellectual Assets Management, and New Business Development), each of which focuses on a different function of innovation and R&D. Please note that the conference webinar sessions will be open to all registered attendees, but in order to participate in any roundtable discussions, you must be a member of the Network. To join an IRI Network, please contact Mallory Smith (smith@iriweb.org). 

You must be an employee of an IRI member company to register and attend this event. No complimentary registrations are required!


This Thursday: Lightning webinar with Gina O'Connor

Join us this Thursday on July 23 at 11:00 AM (ET) for a quick, 30-minute webinar. Gina O’Connor of Babson College will apply her years of research into innovation management into steps that practitioners can take to maintain their strategic innovation efforts in the face of a global crisis. She will also provide attendees with a document of her latest recommendations.

Preview her perspective here and register for the webinar.


Working from home and online shopping have become the new normal and that will reduce driving in the U.S. by up to 270 billion miles a year, according to new study. The research conducted by consultant KPMG International finds the cocoon culture Covid-19 has created is not going away -- even if a vaccine is made widely available -- and that will have potentially dire consequences for the auto industry. For starters, the decline in commuting will remove 14 million cars from U.S. roads, the KPMG study forecasts.
Economists, business leaders and labor experts have warned for years that a coming wave of automation and digital technology would upend the work force, destroying some jobs while altering how and where work is done for nearly everyone. In the past four months, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed some of those predictions into reality. By May, half of Americans were working from home, tethered to their employers via laptops and Wi-Fi, up from 15 percent before the pandemic, according to a recent study.
Another end of the workweek, what could possibly go wrong? Sure, Outlook had failed for a few hours earlier in the week and Twitter lost control of some big-name accounts, but surely nothing else could go awry? Right? Wrong. Bad things come in threes. Starting on Friday afternoon, Cloudflare, the major content delivery network (CDN) and Domain Name System (DNS) service, had a major DNS failure, and tens of millions users found their internet services failing.
The UAE has successfully launched its Mars probe, named Hope, making history as the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission. “We have lift-off. H2A, the rocket carrying the Hope Probe to space, has launched from the Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan,” the official account Hope Mars Mission tweeted early Monday morning. “The Hope Probe is the culmination of every single step that humans have taken throughout history to explore the unknown depths of space.”