Weekly Member Update - Monday, June 1, 2020

At least 37 countries have signed up to support an initiative aimed at making vaccines, tests, treatments and other health technologies to fight coronavirus and to make it accessible to all. 
A classification algorithm for relational data that is more accurate, as well as orders of magnitude more efficient than previous schemes, has been developed through a research collaboration between KAUST and Nortonlifelock Research Group in France.
While the word “sustainability” tends to surface thoughts around curbing CO2 emissions and the corresponding targets and goals, there are other aspects of industrial environments that contribute to energy waste and require greater consideration.
Movie theaters might seem like a Covid-19 breeding ground: audiences crammed into confined spaces, climbing over each other to get to their seats, unwashed hands probing self-service food stations. But the spread of coronavirus in Japan suggests theaters may not be especially susceptible to outbreaks—provided the right guidelines are in place.

Learn how space & polar explorers have coped in quarantine this Thursday
Join Dr. Jack Stuster, a cultural anthropologist and President & Principal Scientist at Anacapa Sciences for a live webinar at 11 AM on June 4th, as he examines practices for coping with isolation based on data from historic polar expeditions and the modern-day missions of the International Space Station. These lessons will look at different sources of stress in these isolated environments, methods to combat these stressors, and how leaders can apply these recommendations in their own virtual teams.

Watch all the sessions from the Annual Conference!
You can rewatch all the sessions from the VIRTUAL 2020 Conference and message attendees via Pathable until June 22nd. IRI members will be able to access the recordings through the learning center after that.

Check out these virtual sessions as part of the Innovation Leader Speaker Series
Are you an entrepreneur or do you work with them? Join IRI & Temple University's Fox School of Business for this webinar on June 12th:  "The State of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Learn from two experts how the Philadelphia and regional ecosystem has adapted and been disrupted in 2020. With IEI & MADV Executive Director Ellen Weber and MADV Chair and Angel Investor Glen Gaddy.
June 12, 2020 10:00 AM - Register

Digitalization & Covid-19 Discussion Group
We will hold weekly 30 minute virtual check-ins for the next three weeks to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting digitalization.  Here is the agenda for our first discussion:
  • How have you used your digital transformation to be better prepared for the current environment?
  • Have you had any surprises as to tools that have been used in new and better ways?
  • How is digital transformation in your organization being changed?
  • Many companies are using the current situation as an opportunity for training and developing key skill sets.  Are others doing this?  If so, how?  (e.g. preparing now for future experiments – building infrastructure, cleaning up data)
These calls will take place on Fridays at 11am ETRegister here.  (Note:  to keep these as a productive discussion, we will be limiting registration to 30 people.)