Weekly Member Update - Monday, September 21, 2020

The health care research ecosystem has shifted into overdrive in response to Covid-19, sparking unprecedented speed and agility. The economic and public health burdens it has generated demand that we rethink our approach to developing new vaccines and therapies. Researchers are now examining what we can learn from these experiences and more broadly apply this innovation to research and development in the future.
The fall equinox comes this Tuesday at 9:30 am ET (1:30 pm UTC). Although not the best time to balance an egg (that's an old wives' tale), the equinox heralds the coming of autumn, cooler temperatures, and shorter days for the Northern Hemisphere, which houses about 90 percent of Earth's population.
Suddenly, a mission to investigate whether Venus might be hospitable to life after all doesn't seem quite so outlandish. Astronomers announced Monday (Sept. 14) that they have identified phosphine, a chemical some scientists have proposed may be a sign of life, in the clouds of Venus. The new research relied on data from two ground-based telescopes, and scientists already have plans to tug a little more at the Venusian mystery from Earth's surface.
Apple’s Apple Watch keynote and Sony’s PS5 price and release date reveal have been the most important tech events of the week. With all the news about the new Apple Watch features, the iPhone 12 processor, the iOS 14 release, and the PS5 preorder issues, you might have missed another exciting development in the tech world. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the two spent a good 15 minutes talking about a very specific slice of technology: hardware.



Learn how other legacy companies are implementing digital strategies, navigating challenges around talent and culture, and making productive partnerships at the 2020 Virtual Digital Futures Conference in October!

What: Virtual Conference Hosted by IRI and Case Western Reserve University
When: Monday October 12 at 11:00am EDT - Thursday October 15, 2020 at 3:30pm

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IRI's Digital Transformation Community also held the September Thought Leader Interview last week with Marguerite Johnson, author of Disruptive Innovation and Digital Transformation: 21st-Century New Growth Engines.

Missed the Networks Conference last week? Watch the recordings!

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Presented by Dan Adams, AIM Institute
Presented by Brian Standen, BASF
Presented by Steve Wilkinson, Armstrong World Industries
Presented by Stephanie Hartwing, Grayscale; Scott Mathews, Boeing
Presented by Sean Ammirati, Carnegie Mellon University Corporate Startup Lab; Lous Musante, Echo Strategies
Drs. Judith & Gary Olson, University of California at Irvine
Presented by Karen Viani, MITRE
Presented by Irene Petrick, Intel


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Get your innovation team up to speed quickly with these two virtual i101 sessions entirely online! The IRI Virtual i101 course is designed to provide an introduction to topics of managing corporate innovation and split into two parts. In each part, the participants will learn both the essential tools for managing innovation and how to deal with organizational issues. We will be holding Part 1 Essential Tools for Managing Innovation, this week, on September 23, and Part 2 Organizational Issues in Managing Innovation on September 30.

This course is designed for both researchers who have recently assumed a team leadership role and for individual contributors who seek to lead an innovation team in the future. It is designed for those who want to broaden their knowledge of innovation management and to learn more about the practical aspects of key innovation topics and tools. It is also appropriate for an innovation team member who wants to develop a broader understanding of innovation practices. This course can be viewed as a springboard to the participant’s professional advancement.

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The Lab of the Future - Workshop by the U.S. Department of Energy

First of a series of discussions on the laboratory facility of the future. This will provide background on DOE Laboratories of the Future as it relates to facilities, followed by presentations by three scientific architecture experts, both practitioners and historians. Future meetings will explore each aspect of the laboratory facility of the future in more detail by focusing on topics such as flexibility/modularity; accessibility/connectedness; digitization/automation; and safety/security/health.

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Read the September/October Issue of Research-Technology Management online!

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