Weekly Member Update - September 8, 2020

A team of experts on food contamination says it is highly unlikely that food is a source of Covid-19 transmission. The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) looked at the evidence that coronavirus might be carried on food or its packing and found very little.
Memorial Day came. We celebrated. We burst out of our suffocating homes with a damn-the-torpedoes surge, eager to see the places, family and friends we'd been yearning for during those smothering weeks of isolation.
Rock-climb without fear. Play a symphony in your head. See radar with superhuman vision. Discover the nature of consciousness. Cure blindness, paralysis, deafness, and mental illness. Those are just a few of the applications that Elon Musk and employees at his four-year-old neuroscience company Neuralink believe electronic brain-computer interfaces will one day bring about.
Earlier this year, Whole Foods temporarily converted a few of its locations into online-only stores to keep up with much higher grocery delivery demands brought about by COVID-19-related lockdowns. Its new location in Brooklyn isn’t just a temporary online-only store, though — it’s the first one the Amazon-owned supermarket chain built specifically to fulfill orders placed online.


2020 Virtual Networks Conference
Sept, 14-18
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IRI’s virtual Fall Networks Conference kicks off on Monday, September 14. The event emphasizes peer-to-peer learning in roundtable formats in addition to webinar presentations. The Networks Conference programming is driven entirely by its members – topics and themes were chosen by the members.  Conference attendees will experience a highly interactive format where their challenges and interests drive the roundtable discussions. This program is an excellent way to really engage with fellow innovation practitioners, develop solutions to shared challenges, benchmark, exchange ideas, and of course, network. Attendees are welcome to move around between Networks and attend any session they choose.

Agenda Highlights:

Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID
Dr. Irene Petrick, Senior Director of Industrial Innovation, Internet of Things Group
Intel Corporation

The impacts of COVID exceed short term shutdowns, changing demands and product mix, and disrupted supply chains.  We can expect to see a decade’s worth of digital change happen in the next 3-5 years in many operations.  Irene will discuss what it will take to harness the power of digital transformation to create resilience when dealing with these disruptions. The session will examine how COVID will create lasting change in our priorities, investment strategies, hiring practices, and work in general. This presentation will summarize today’s state of affairs and anticipates how leaders, workers, government and others will need to collaborate. 


How to Make Distance Work Work: Collaborating Virtually
Drs. Judith & Gary Olson
University of California Irvine Department of Informatics

Judith and Gary Olson have studied distance work for 30 years, ranging from global scientific co-laboratories to distributed corporate teams. Judith’s research has examined distance teams, while Gary’s work explored the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CCSW) and how these technologies can support long-distance work. This session will look at the difficulties faced by remote teams and how to alleviate them with technological and social solutions.


Virtual Voice of the Customer: How to Understand B2B Customer Needs Without the Plane Ride
Dan Adams, Founder
The AIM Institute

Because of today’s travel restrictions, it has become necessary to adapt the way companies engage with their customers. Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, will outline strategies for successful Virtual Voice of the Customer attendees can use in these difficult times to build new skills, impressive capabilities, and customer insights. Learn now so you can exit the downturn on a growth trajectory. Dan has taught B2B professionals all over the world, lecturing at Wharton’s Executive MBA program and numerous other universities, and


Roundtable Highlights

Each Network will have 2-4 roundtable sessions during the conference, each exploring a different theme. The formats will include small-group discussions, open conversations, and work sessions designed to help an attendees troubleshoot one of their current challenges. Attendees will submit the related topics they want to discuss prior to the roundtable.



How has your organization kept up with digitalization?

Learn how legacy companies are implementing digital strategies, navigating challenges around talent and culture, and making productive partnerships at the 2020 Virtual Digital Futures Conference in October!
What: Virtual Conference Hosted by IRI and Case Western Reserve University
When: Monday October 12 at 11:00am EDT - Thursday October 15, 2020 at 3:30pm
Several leaders and practitioners attended the Digital Futures Conference last year hosted by Case Western Reserve University. Take a look and see why they say having a digital strategy is so important for legacy company survival.
Register for Digital Futures 2020!
Don't miss IRI's Digital Transformation Community (DXC) September Thought Leader Interview, with Marguerite Johnson, author of Disruptive Innovation and Digital Transformation: 21st-Century New Growth Engines, on September 17! Learn more.

Join us for IRI’s September i101 Courses on Managing Innovation!

Get your innovation team up to speed quickly with these two virtual i101 sessions entirely online! The IRI Virtual i101 course is designed to provide an introduction to topics of managing corporate innovation and split into two parts. In each part, the participants will learn both the essential tools for managing innovation and how to deal with organizational issues. We will be holding Part 1 Essential Tools for Managing Innovation on September 23, and Part 2 Organizational Issues in Managing Innovation on September 30.

This course is designed for both researchers who have recently assumed a team leadership role and for individual contributors who seek to lead an innovation team in the future. It is designed for those who want to broaden their knowledge of innovation management and to learn more about the practical aspects of key innovation topics and tools. It is also appropriate for an innovation team member who wants to develop a broader understanding of innovation practices. This course can be viewed as a springboard to the participant’s professional advancement.

September 23 - Part 1 Essential Tools for Managing Innovation will cover:

  • Defining innovation
  • Design methods and Customer Insight
  • Idea Generation and Open Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Stage-Gate and Agile systems
  • Lean Startup


September 30 -  Part 2 Organizational Issues in Managing Innovation will cover:

  • The challenges to innovation and how to address them
  • Building support for your ideas
  • Managing creative people
  • Overcoming organizational resistance
  • Portfolio management


Registration fees are $295 for each session for employees of IRI member companies, and $395 for non-members.

*Silver & Gold IRI members may use up to two complimentary registrations. To register using a complimentary registration, please contact Victoria Kanevsky (kanevsky@iriweb.org)


Intel Senior Director of Industrial Innovation is wrapping up her AI & IoT Projects series this Wednesday

Part 4 of Dr. Irene Petrick’s series on Intel’s artificial intelligence and Internet of Things projects is being hosted online by IRI on Wednesday, September 9. “Projects at the Edge of Understanding” will begin at 2 PM (ET). RSVP now to save your spot!

IRI members can watch recordings of Part I - Driving to Business Value, Part 2 - Scaling AI to IoT Business Value, and Part 3 - Future Proofing.


Future of Work October Webinars - RSVP Today!

Prented by Amanda Parker, CEO of eNthusaProve
October 2 at 12:00 PM (ET)