Weekly Update - Monday, April 27, 2020

IRI is mourning the loss of former Director of R&D at GE Research, Walter Robb. Dr. Robb was 91 when he died from complications of COVID-19. A chemical engineer by training, he was tasked with reviving GE’s medical equipment business and is also credited with recruiting Jack Welsh to GE. During his tenure as Director of R&D, GE became the global leader in medical imaging with advances in both CT and MRI technologies. In 1994, Dr. Robb was awarded the IRI Medal.



IRI President's Weekly Remarks:



Knowledge Sharing Drives R&D
In late 2019, IRI supported APQC in a survey to better understand how knowledge sharing can drive R&D. The resulting whitepaper examines tools, collaborative approaches, and metrics for knowledge sharing.
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Join more than 300 innovation professionals & thought leaders for our VIRTUAL Annual Conference!
May 12-May 22, we will be holding our planned 2020 Annual Conference sessions as live webinars, with opportunities to connect with fellow attendees via forums, interactive chatrooms, and direct messages. Learn how to adapt your innovation efforts in a global environment, collaborate with remote teams, and how to get the best ROI out of your business strategy when your organization is placed all over the world. Each day will offer virtual sessions pertaining to an element of Global Innovation. 
Check out the agenda (click to enlarge):

PILOT research projects info sessions
This spring, IRI is launching four new research projects to help keep your organization innovating. Join these webinars to learn how you can get involved.
Organizing Time for Innovation – How can we best allot self-directed innovation time to maximize creative performance? 
Kick off webinar:  Tuesday, April 28, 12 - 1pm EDT; Register
Ideation to H2 Opportunity Portfolio – What can be done to improve the performance of the Horizon 2 Opportunity Portfolio, bridging the gap between the well-exercised processes of Horizon 3 Ideation (H3: 5+ years) portfolio and Horizon 1 Stage-Gate (H1: 1-2 years) project portfolio?
Kick off webinar:  Wednesday May 20, 1 – 2pm EDT; Register
If you are interested in a project, but aren’t able to join the webinar, please email Lee Green at green@iriweb.org for more information.
Digitalization & Covid-19 Discussion Group
We will hold weekly 30 minute virtual check-ins for the next three weeks to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting digitalization.  Here is the agenda for our first discussion:
  • How have you used your digital transformation to be better prepared for the current environment?
  • Have you had any surprises as to tools that have been used in new and better ways?
  • How is digital transformation in your organization being changed?
  • Many companies are using the current situation as an opportunity for training and developing key skill sets.  Are others doing this?  If so, how?  (e.g. preparing now for future experiments – building infrastructure, cleaning up data)
These calls will take place on Fridays at 11am ETRegister here.  (Note:  to keep these as a productive discussion, we will be limiting registration to 30 people.)
Learn about Kimberly-Clark's Front End Innovation Strategies
A Simiplified Approach to FEI to Build a Global Innovation Capability for Breakthrough Results
Presented by Marci Ruman, a Global Innovation Strategist of Kimberly-Clark Corporation
April 30, 11 AM-12 PM ET
Unfortunately, due to a family tragedy, this webinar has been cancelled and will be scheduled at a later date.

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