Weekly Update - Monday, June 15, 2020

A Message from IRI's President & Chair

We Stand in Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

Over the past two weeks, IRI has stood in solidarity and remained absent from social media as a sign of respect. We can no longer remain silent. We are outraged by the murder of George Floyd and countless other Black Americans. The violent reaction by police and the use of military forces and chemical weapons against Americans protesting peacefully is appalling. Read more.

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BP is writing down the value of its assets by as much as $17.5 billion as a shift away from fossil fuels is accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.
The UK oil company said in a statement Monday that the health crisis could have an "enduring impact on the global economy," resulting in less demand for energy over a "sustained period," and it cut its forecast for Brent crude prices over the next three decades by 27% to $55 per barrel.
Thanks to a small bit of contagious RNA we are all now unwilling participants in a seismic experiment that is shaking the foundations of society, technology, economics, healthcare and more. Dan Pink wonders if it’s a message from the future. Klaus Schwab calls it the bonfire of blinkered capitalism. Satya Nadella describes it as a shift “from hierarchies to wirearchies”.
Two people with beta thalassaemia and one with sickle cell disease no longer require blood transfusions, which are normally used to treat severe forms of these inherited diseases, after their bone marrow stem cells were gene-edited with CRISPR.
When Amazon announced a one-year ban on its facial recognition tools for police, it should've been a well-earned win for Deborah Raji, a black researcher who helped publish an influential study pointing out the racial and gender bias with Amazon's Rekognition. Amazon called for governments to place stronger regulations on the technology. Nowhere in its post on Wednesday did the company acknowledge Raji's work, which found that Rekognition incorrectly identified women as men 19% of the time. 


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