Weekly Update - Monday, June 8, 2020

The Commission announced today that it has awarded nearly €166 million, via the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Pilot, to 36 companies set to combat the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, over €148 million will be granted to another 36 companies set to contribute to the recovery plan for Europe, bringing the total investment from Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme, to €314 million in this round.
The cost of police brutality is enormous. First and foremost, of course, it is paid in lives: According to the Washington Post database, US police have shot and killed 1,042 men and women in the past 12 months, of whom black people make up a disproportionate number. That doesn’t account for those not killed by firearms, such as George Floyd. There is no official record of police brutality in the US.
Last month, members of the Berlin Philharmonic returned home to their concert hall after weeks of isolation. They sat onstage in a loose constellation, dispersed according to local virus regulations. Only 15 players could be onstage at a time. The strings sat two meters apart. The woodwinds and brass sat five meters apart—on account of them blowing great quantities of air during a global respiratory virus pandemic, without the benefit of masks. They played music by Ligeti, Pärt, and Barber. And at the end of the performance, they bowed, smiling vaguely into an empty, silent hall. A classical music critic for The New York Times, watching the performance live from his apartment, described it as “awkward” but “also inspiring.”
Why now is the time for Open Innovation
Amidst the gloom and doom of the early months of the Covid-19 crisis, something surprisingly uplifting started to happen: Companies began to come together to work openly at an unprecedented level, putting the ability to create value before the opportunity to make a buck. The German multinational Siemens, for instance, opened up its Additive Manufacturing Network to anyone who needs help in medical device design. Heavy truck maker Scania and the Karolinska University Hospital have partnered, too: Scania is not only converting trailers into mobile testing stations, but also directed some 20 highly skilled purchasing and logistics experts to locate, acquire, and deliver personal protective equipment to health care workers. Similarly, Ford is working together with the United Auto Workers, GE Healthcare, and 3M to build ventilators in Michigan using F-150 seat fans, portable battery packs, and 3D printed parts.


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Webinars this Week:

A Simplified Approach to Front End Innovation
Do you ever feel like your teams are in motion, but not making progress? Do they really know the “why” behind their innovation, are they really challenging “current” thinking, or are they really making the “impossible” possible? While big companies recognize their need to transform in response to rapidly changing markets, they struggle to let go of the status quo that made them successful. In order to compete, companies need to change their organizational culture. Learn how we have transformed Front End Innovation at Kimberly-Clark by simplifying deliverables, encouraging mindset shifts, and empowering teams. This session will explain how to simplify your FEI processes to demonstrate progress versus being in motion, and how to invest in your employees.
The State of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 
Are you an entrepreneur or do you work with them? Join Temple University's Fox Business School webinar "The State of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem,"  on June 12th, to learn from two experts how the Philadelphia and regional ecosystem has adapted and been disrupted in 2020. With IEI & MADV Executive Director Ellen Weber and MADV Chair and Angel Investor Glen Gaddy.