Weekly Update - Monday, May 11, 2020

First, a message from Ed:



Our 2020 VIRTUAL Annual Conference starts tomorrow!
Join over 1100 of your peers in the field of Innovation to hear Alexa Dembek, DuPont's Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer deliver the opening keynote this Tuesday, May 13 at 11 AM (ET). Hear how innovation can help solve one of the world's most pressing problems: sustainability. Get inspired to make a positive impact on the environment through innovation!
Stick around after at 12 PM (ET) for a round table discussion featuring CEO of Michelman, Rick Michelman, and Michelman VP & Managing Director of India, Shailesh Nema; CTO of Avery Dennison, Pascale Wautelet; Anne Berthereau, Vice President of Innovation for Corporate Solutions Business at Owens Corning; and Sharon Nagler, R&D Section Manager at HP Indigo, on how their global manufacturing organizations have been able to build sustainability into their innovation strategies. This week we will also be hearing case studies from John Deere about its global innovation capability; Crown Holdings and how it funds its global R&D; LEGO's Industry 4.0 roadmap; and Henkel's global innovation structure and strategy. On Thursday Tucker Norton, Innovation & Strategy Director at DuPont, will talk about building a culture of International Innovation in your organization. Later on Thursday afternoon, Kerry Slade of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple University will give insights into how to think about the culture in a way that optimizes your organization's innovation capability.
Don't forget to stick around on Tuesday and Thursday for our virtual Networking Happy Hours! There will be facilitated discussions so come ready to talk shop.
Additionally, IRI's current and incumbent Board Chairs will be holding office hours "virtually," this Wednesday and next, from noon to 1 PM (ET) in the IRI booth. This is your chance as an IRI member to ask questions and give input into IRI and its direction as a member association.
You will also get the chance to meet our next Board Chair, Dr. Martha Gardner, Executive Quality Leader, Process Improvement at GE Aviation where she helps teams improve capability of current processes, as well develop robust, new, conceptual designs for products and manufacturing processes through the use of modeling and analytics. Gardner would like to see that IRI continues to be the network where strategies and best practices for developing the next generation of innovation leaders, processes, and practices emerge to continue to accelerate value creation in our member organizations.
To participate in any of these sessions and office hours, you must be registered for our Conference. It's free!

Current PILOT Projects
Watch our current PILOT project video pitches:
We hosted a series of kick-off webinars to inform members of how you can get involved. Sign up for our last project:
Ideation to H2 Opportunity Portfolio – What can be done to improve the performance of the Horizon 2 Opportunity Portfolio, bridging the gap between the well-exercised processes of Horizon 3 Ideation (H3: 5+ years) portfolio and Horizon 1 Stage-Gate (H1: 1-2 years) project portfolio?
Kick off webinar:  Wednesday May 20, 1 – 2pm EDT; Register
Watch the kick off webinars & get information about other 2020 projects:
If you are interested in a project, but aren’t able to join the webinar, please email Lee Green at green@iriweb.org for more information.
Digitalization & Covid-19 Discussion Group
We will hold weekly 30 minute virtual check-ins for the next three weeks to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting digitalization.  Here is the agenda for our first discussion:
  • How have you used your digital transformation to be better prepared for the current environment?
  • Have you had any surprises as to tools that have been used in new and better ways?
  • How is digital transformation in your organization being changed?
  • Many companies are using the current situation as an opportunity for training and developing key skill sets.  Are others doing this?  If so, how?  (e.g. preparing now for future experiments – building infrastructure, cleaning up data)
These calls will take place on Fridays at 11am ETRegister here.  (Note:  to keep these as a productive discussion, we will be limiting registration to 30 people.)

As coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread, public health and economic well-being are increasingly in conflict. Governments are prioritizing public health, but the current solution—social isolation—is costly as commerce remains shut down. Restarting economies could rekindle the pandemic and cause even worse human suffering. Innovation can help societies escape the untenable choice between public and economic health. The world needs effective vaccines, therapies, or other solutions. But how do we achieve these solutions, and achieve them quickly?
The coronavirus pandemic has kicked the Trump administration’s concerns regarding America’s dependence on Asian factories for supplying critical technology into overdrive. Officials are in talks with several semiconductor companies about potentially building chip factories within the U.S. in an attempt to ramp up the country’s manufacturing capabilities.
U.S. consumer borrowing fell in March for the first time in more than eight years, with the category covering credit cards dropping by the largest amount in over three decades, the Federal Reserve reported Thursday. The Fed’s report is the latest sign of how the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the U.S. economy.
Like the virus whose origin it purports to explain, the following conjecture refuses to die: The novel coronavirus was cooked up in a Chinese lab and either escaped or was intentionally released. It’s a claim without the support of any publicly available evidence. It implies that tight-lipped members of a large and malign network colluded to engineer the COVID-19 pandemic or to cover up an accident that caused it.