Winter Meeting 2013 - Virtual Teams

ROR Stage: gathering data
The ability to assemble high performing virtual teams is essential in today’s global business environment. This ROR identified six key themes impacting the performance of virtual teams: 
•    Setting/Modifying Culture and Informal Organization
•    Diversity and Team Management
•    Management Culture
•    Project Management/Getting Deliverables
•    Working Remotely – Behavior
•    Working Remotely – Technology Tools

The team developed a hypothesis around each theme describing what a virtual team needs to be successful. Members are asked to share experiences on the themes to validate or refute the hypotheses. Participants gain an understanding of best practices and examples of pitfalls and practices to avoid identified in the round table research conducted by this ROR as well as those practices shared by peers within the session.

Team: Virginia Brandt, Energizer; Kent Crawford, Schnieider Electric; Susan Ward, ITECS (SME); Dan Coughlin ITECS (SME); Alan Fusfeld (SME)