Winter Meeting 2014 - Pursuing Whitespace Opportunities

ROR Stage: finalizing research approach, gathering and analyzing data 
This ROR considers the challenge faced by Central R&D and Business Development teams who, at times, identify new opportunities that do not fit well with, and are not supported by, any of the current businesses of the company. In some cases, significant development effort on these opportunities may already have been expended. The choice is typically to table the opportunity, either by abandonment or by licensing the new technologies to third parties who can then build significant businesses using what they have licensed. The task of this group is to identify proven, alternative means of value capture in situations like this. How do companies organize and operate to take a whitespace opportunity and nurture it to a point where either an existing business will recognize its value or the company creates an entirely new business division?

Team: Sridhar Ranganathan (Kimberly-Clark), Mark Paczkowski (Lubrizol), Diana Hoyt (NASA), Charles Johnson-Bey (Lockheed Martin), Ovidiu Romanoschi (Church & Dwight), Mike Blackburn (Cargill), Mark Aubart (Arkema), Larry Schmitt (Inovo) (SME)