Winter Meeting 2015 - Innovation Culture

ROR Stage: gathering and analyzing data 
This ROR is examining how culture within an organization can impact the level of innovation coming from it. This working group hypothesizes that there is not just one kind of innovation culture. Rather, for any given organization, we argue there is a unique set of optimal cultural elements.   Focus includes:
•    Identify an existing, established innovation survey tool that is suitable for conducting segmentation analysis across R&E organizations. 
•    Conduct a segmentation analysis of R&E organizations along with the identification of best practices to enable innovation within each segment.  
•    Highlight examples of case studies where organizations have adapted their culture to be more innovative
•    Publish findings

The team will use the time on Tuesday morning to share findings from a recent partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership.  Preliminary data analysis of the “KEYS to Creativity and Innovation™” survey tool to examine variations across organizations will be shared, along with a plan for more extensive analysis.  Those wanting to understand more about differences in cultural elements that may enhance or inhibit innovation are welcome to attend.

Team: Michel Daage, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering; Richard Dodge, Kimberly-Clark; Bob Rodenbeck, Delta Faucet; Stewart Taylor, Center for Creative Leadership (SME); Stewart Witzeman, Eastman Chemical ; Susan Ward, ITECS (SME); Gary Wilhelmi, Idea Connection Systems (SME)