Winter Meeting 2015 - Pursuing Whitespace Opportunities

ROR Stage: wrapping up 

How do companies organize and operate to take a whitespace opportunity and nurture it to a point where either an existing business will recognize its value or the company creates an entirely new business division?

The working group has undertaken interviews and case studies to see how different companies manage these opportunities. The scope of case studies includes both successful and unsuccessful attempts. To the extent possible, “technical success, market failure” cases are being analyzed to extract potential root causes. A set of organizational and operational models will be created to document the alternative methods companies use to deal with these opportunities and they will be rated by effectiveness. 

Team: Sridhar Ranganathan – Kimberly Clark (Chair); Mark Paczkowski – Lubrizol (Chair); Michael Blackburn – Cargill; Mark Aubart – Arkema; Diana Hoyt – NASA; Larry Schmitt – The Inovo Group (SME)