Winter Meeting 2015 - Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships

Findings include:
Strong bias in the data: interviewees did not describe a set of principles that apply to a wide variety of customers or suppliers.  They described one relationship that is better characterized as an alliance rather than a customer/supplier relationship.
That relationship is defined by a set of boundaries within which the parties collaborate.  Outside the boundaries, the collaboration principles do not apply.

Team: Kent Crawford; Schneider Electric; Karen Milley, J. M. Smucker; Tim Stanton, Sherwin Williams (Co-chair); Surendra Chawla, Goodyear; Ron Dressler, Hershey; Jeff Hynds, Ingersoll Rand; Kimberly Williams, Pepsico (Co-Chair); Sridhar Ranganathan, Kimberly Clark; John Gibb, ConocoPhillips; Subject Matter Expert: Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University