CF - Quality Metrics

What metrics do you use to measure the quality of your processes?

We are interested in discovering more creative and inspiring ways to measure (and improve) our quality performance, and if possible, obtain external benchmarks. We are looking for better ways to measure the quality of business and manufacturing processes, affecting both internal and external customers. We currently employ traditional measures such as Cost of Quality and first pass yield, but these are oriented to quality of the “product”. Do you have any recommendations for simple, yet effective measures that will resonate well with all levels of the organization?

- Cindy Fowle, Director, Global Quality, LORD Corp.


Your Responses

Response 1

Here are some of the metrics we use to measure quality:
- Cost of quality
- Initial pass first class
- Secondary pass first class
- Ppk
- Number of complaints
- Complaint ppm
- Number of repeat complaints

- Global Quality, Large chemical company



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