Community Forum - Identifying Market Based Solutions

LORD Corporation is seeking input on how other companies identify, develop, and launch market-based solutions.  Their need for continued growth is driving teams to re-evaluate how they develop, launch, and propagate "1 to many" solutions vs. their historic model of strategic and niche "1 to 1" solutions. 


We received responses from 23 IRI member organizations. If you are interested in seeing the data cuts per industry and/or R&D budget, please contact Erika Toman.

Question 5 Other:

  • We use a Lean Startup approach and force our people to get off surveying customers and instead seeking out customer pain and developing minimum viable products.
  • These categories don't really apply.  Our Marketing, Market Research, and Product Management are highly overlapped.
  • Dedicated role of "future offer manager" in the marketing / sales team responsible for market drive n product roadmaps. Roadmaps are continually refined based on changing market needs. 

Question 6 Other:  

  • Digital
  • Most of what's listed in '6' is reactive, not predictive. Must engage customers directly, preferably ones already familiar with your products and capabilities.
  • Advertising 
  • Market data on sales, segmentation and other analysis tools