Director, External Innovation

Purpose & Summary
  • The Director, External Innovation leads the external research & development for (COMPANY). 
  • This role is expected to gain competitive customer value by accessing thought leadership, investing in early-stage ventures, and managing the external investment portfolio.
  • This position will work in a fast-pace environment, simplify the complexity with stakeholders (senior leaders, business leaders), identify emerging break-through technologies, connect with leading discovery centers, and ensure viable investment returns. 
  • The Director, External Innovation is responsible to lead the external research investment, early-to-mid stage with thought leaders, universities, & venture capital firms. 
  • This role leads the external research portfolio / projects, aligns to the Group priorities, architects the strategic plan, influence senior leaders (Group, Business, Commercial), develop tomorrow’s leaders, manage budgets, and achieve financial expectations. 
  • Additional responsibilities include connecting with leading thought leaders globally, leading an experienced team of leaders, leveraging Strategic Marketing and Technologies capabilities (Market Insights, Innovation, Excellence), developing intellectual property plans, and doing the right research / investment to gain advantage (e.g. time, scale, robust platform). This role is on the Innovation leadership team.  
Accountability & Objectives
40% External Portfolio
  • Responsible to lead the external research & development portfolio, invest resources, connect with leading scientists, and ensure the right research investment is done to gain speed, access or clarity in technology 
  • Leads external research portfolio investment aligned to group / business priorities, customer & consumers, and growth geographies applying structured customer & consumer insights
  • Manage thru defined strategic plan, proven development approaches, understand emerging technologies, prepare investment needs (e.g. contracts, investment, deliverables)
  • Develop an intellectual property strategic plan, approach, controls and oversight for intellectual asset value
  • Align with emerging science trends by connecting with industry thought leaders, challenging our thinking, maintaining scientific expertise, and architecting into value propositions
  • Accountable for performance culture, discoveries, thought leadership, financial budgets / returns and joining strategic expert discussions
25% People First
  • Responsible to develop leaders & scientists (i.e. identify, recruit, develop, and retain), lead high-performance teams, connect with leading thought leaders globally, and influence stakeholders internal / external to organization
  • Responsible for overall people management including recruitment, retention, development, and coaching of senior experts, along with building high-trust and high-performance teams
  • Collaborate and lead horizontal team across priority growth portfolios from Innovation to Groups and across company network
  • Provides strategic science leadership with the leading global experts and thought leaders in (SPECIFIC INDUSTRY)
  • Accountable for developing leaders, maintaining knowledge maps, ensuring succession, and high-performance team 
25% Customer value
  • Responsible to provide customers a competitive advantage (cost, time, mind) thru early-stage investments in gaining access, control, or leverage into the company innovation portfolio 
  • Collaborates with Business and Commercial leadership to ensure the external research investment portfolio is relevant and compelling
  • Leads deep science understanding of emerging trends, our position to win, how competitors are winning, and specific industry expertise.
  • Become a thought leader by representing organization in external forums (Universities, Industry, Legislative policy, Strategic Customers), along with strategic partner and industry expert relationships
  • Accountable for timely discoveries to drive competitive customer value that support the company growth story
10% Business execution/measure
  • Responsible to achieve external research results (investment, discoveries, thought leadership) that strengthen the innovation portfolio, outpace market growth, support the Group priorities, and achieve expected results 
  • Align with priorities of senior leaders (Enterprise, Innovation, Group, Cross-enterprise), allocate resources, execute external research activities, and deliver compelling value (e.g. timely discoveries, thought leadership) to achieve financial results
  • Manage the external investment portfolio so that businesses have access to use with customers in defined markets, channels, and intellectual property access where (COMPANY) enterprise operates (i.e. 40 countries in 2018)
  • Outpace market growth (financial, volume) by organization thru a robust and protected portfolio of discoveries, along with leverage in other organization enterprises
Skills & Qualifications
Minimum Required Qualifications
  • Leadership skills with senior leaders, stakeholder management, cultural diversity & inclusion, and complex business environment
  • Experience of 10+ years in the R&D, Business, External Innovation, etc. with proven track record in leading high-performance teams (i.e. University, Start-ups, etc.)
  • Education of PhD, related fields or comparable expertise / experience
  • Competency in leading development investments (e.g. discovery, early-stage innovation), analytical skills, interpersonal skills (verbal, listening, working with others, prospective clients), change leadership, entrepreneurial approach (sense-of-urgency, relentless determination), and resource planning (financials, talent)
  • Proven performance in building trust quickly with leaders, thinking critically to solve problems, and influencing stakeholders
  • Travel globally up to 30%
Preferred Qualifications
  • Education in Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance or comparable experience
  • Experience in (SPECIFIC INDUSTRY), research & development, finance, and/or start-up businesses
  • Science background to understand the principles and identify emerging technologies that fit the portfolio
  • Leadership experience in a multi-national organization or indirect influence (matrix environment)
  • Business skills with customer focus, functional leadership        
  • Fluency in Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese or other languages where organization conducts business