2019 Annual Conference, Innovation Unleashed: Physical Meets Digital

Innovation Research Interchange
2019 Annual Conference
Monday April 29, 2019Thursday May 02, 2019
Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh
IRI’s 2019 Annual Conference explores what companies, large and small, must do to adapt to this new reality, and how to make these transitions in either product offerings or strategy. The conference brings together innovators from large corporations, small startups, and everything in between. Innovators from all industries will come together to explore lessons from both new and established companies and learn tactics to adapt and thrive.

• Networking with innovation thought leaders from around the globe
• Building professional knowledge via the sharing and exchange of ideas
• Gaining visibility among the innovation community and across broad industry segments
• How have companies used digital applications to enhance the use of their physical products?
• What will be the impact of digital products in the next ten years?
• How can companies use digital to improve the development of their physical products?
• How to partner with smaller, tech-savvy companies to develop digital products?
• How do you build a strategy for a digital idea?
• What can companies do to become more agile in adopting digital interfaces?
• How has a company made the transition from producing purely physical items to adding (or replacing with) digital ones?
• How can digital components augment physical products in a way that can add value to it?