2020 Annual Conference - Save the date

Tuesday May 12, 2020Friday May 15, 2020
Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Check back here for more information about our upcoming IRI 2020 Annual Conference--Globalization Transformed: Revolutionizing Global Innovation.
Tentative topics:

Encouraging Autonomy and Empowering R&D Teams

Global Deployment of a New Business Model

Novel Research Capabilities: Science in Space

Case Study: Aligning Innovation Structure and Strategy in a Diverse Global Company

Culture as a Catalyzer: How to Harness Culture to Optimize Innovation

The Never-ending Journey Towards Globalization

Enhancing Open Innovation Through UX Research

Partnering and Collaborating with International Startups

Sustainability: The Best Catalyst for Global Innovation

Cultivating a Robust International Innovation Culture

How to Build a Technology Department in a New Region:  A Success Story from a Medium-Sized Multinational Company

Place Matters: Synergizing Inclusive Innovation

Compendium of Tools for Managing a Successful Global Innovation Team

The State of Urban Manufacturing and Innovation Ecosystems

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing IT Systems to Support Global R&D

Growth Outside the Core

Digital Transformation Case Studies