AI Use Cases at INVISTA

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Thought Leader Interview

Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations

Thought Leader Interview with Chitra Kumar Sai, Data Scientist, INVISTA

Talk of AI is everywhere now, but are companies actually using new tools in a systematic way? If so, how? Chitra Kumar Sai, data scientist at INVISTA, will share examples of how they are using AI tools, including natural language processing, large language models, computer vision, and machine learning for root cause analysis. Learn how their data governance has enabled them to move quickly on these new technologies and how they are rolling tools out in the organization.

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Chitra Kumar Sai

Data Scientist


Chitra Kumar Sai graduated from Wichita State University, with a degree emphasis in Computer Science. He is working as a Data Scientist at Koch Industries (INVISTA). 
He has 3+ years of experience in Data Science, Engineering and Analytics in Manufacturing, Technology, Consulting, Retail and Supply Chain industries. He is well versed with tools and techniques essential for ETL, optimization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning along with an ability to tie the data together to execute and streamline operations effectively.  
During his professional career, he designed high performance ETL, Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions using existing techniques and packages and also enabled real time solutions focusing on performance and accuracy. He ensured stakeholders’ success and aligned the team with his project goals by maintaining communication through quarterly presentations and quality visualizations using BI tools to help executives, reporters/analysts. 

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