Brown Bag - Accelerating your R&D: How GE is bringing better products to market faster and cheaper

Monday September 26, 2016 1:30pm2:30pm
At your desk

Faster, more productive and more cost effective R&D are goals of any innovative company, but achieving these results are easier said than. done. In this session, we'll discuss the tools, techniques and culture changes that General Electric has adopted to accelerate their R&D. Join Mark Little, former CTO & head of Global Research for GE along with Andrea Kates, CEO of GLIDR, the world's first innovation portfolio management solution as they discuss these changing forces, as well as how leaders can and should cope.

Bring your questions and comments related to the following topics:

  • What techniques do organizations need to advance their competitive R&D capabilities? Mark Little will discuss his experiences with Fastworks; how the program got started, and the benefits it had for GE.
  • What tools support these techniques and how do they benefit the organization? We will discuss the benefits of having a database of institutional knowledge.
  • How should you measure success differently? Which metrics are most relevant for understanding the success level of your R&D program?
  • How organizations can ensure that they are commercializing their R&D to achieve payback on their investments in time and money.
  • How should your organizational culture develop to best support an accelerated R&D program? How do you drive adoption of tools and techniques and while incentivizing new behaviors?

This session is brought to you by Gold Industry Sponsor GLIDR.