Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation

in partnership with Babson College
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Tuesday June 09, 2020Wednesday June 10, 2020
Wellesley, MA

An Action Plan for Innovation

Industries and companies are being disrupted by advances in science and technology. New competitors are threatening companies who have been around for decades and stockholder demands continue to intensify. Companies need to innovate beyond incremental new products to generate long-term revenue and organizational renewal that will keep companies healthy.

Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation: Executive Overview shows businesses how to set up an innovation function with a talent management system in order to generate a continuous flow of strategic innovation.

Learn Essential Skills

  • Discover the necessary elements of a management system for strategic innovation and the three fundamental innovation capabilities: Discovery, Incubation, and Acceleration
  • Understand the importance of an articulated strategic intent, and its differences from strategy, and test yours out in a safe environment
  • Learn the key patterns of evolving and developing an innovation function, identify the current stage of maturity of your innovation system, diagnose the challenges facing you at this time, and prepare a plan for addressing those challenges

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational leaders who desire to build a breakthrough innovation capability
  • Managers of innovation and their teams
  • Experienced innovation leaders who want to improve their group's effectiveness
  • Ideally works at a company with $1B+ in revenue that is national or global 
  • Ideally affiliated with or responsible for strategic innovation and can come from functional areas such as R&D, strategy, HR, organizational development, marketing, product development, and new business development
  • Teams of three to five people are encouraged to attend in order to collaborate on an action plan together (discounts available for teams of 2-5)

Program Details

What You Will Learn

In this action-based program, you’ll develop the tools necessary to implement an innovation function in your company and immediately apply the concepts you learn back to your business. You will develop an action plan for how to start an innovation function at your company and receive 1 on 1 coaching from faculty after the program regarding the implementation of your action plan. We encourage teams to join so you can work on the action plan together.

Topics include:

  • Priming your company for strategic innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Identify your company’s strategic intent
  • Take an innovation maturity assessment to get an idea of the strengths and gaps of your company’s management system for strategic innovation, which will help identify priority areas for improvement
  • Understand the innovation roles needed for breakthrough innovation
  • Learn how to evolve your company’s strategic innovation capability, including identifying red flags and land mines to avoid

“Working with Babson Executive Education jump-started Lubrizol's approach to innovation and rapidly progressed key business development growth initiatives.” – James S. Puckace Sr. Director of New Business Development and Innovation, Lubrizol


You will be learning from faculty who have conducted more than 20 years of research on innovation in companies and are co-authors of the book, Beyond the Champion: Institutionalizing Innovation Through People

  • Gina O’Connor Professor of Innovation Management at Babson College
  • Andrew Corbett Paul T. Babson Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and Entrepreneurship Division Chair at Babson College