Webinar: Communicating Innovation Value, Risk and Readiness to Stakeholders

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12 pm

Process Improvement, Organizational Vision, Innovation Metrics

We’ve all seen innovation fail. But too often apparently successful innovation fails. How do you communicate the investment readiness and the uncertain value of innovation efforts in a language that executive investors truly understand? Because it is a cruel statistic that the average tenure of an innovation leader is around three years. Classic metrics of activity (speed, milestone accomplishment) and impact (cash flow projections, budget spend) are ill-suited for understanding innovation progress. Based on cases like HP’s experience with smartwatches, this webinar shows how a mashup of lean startup and real options give better metrics of innovation progress. These metrics give insight into what hypotheses drive the upside, the prioritization of experiments, and when an innovation is ready for handing off or scaling up.

David Matheson

CEO and co-founder

SmartOrg, Inc.

David Matheson is CEO and co-founder of SmartOrg, Inc. With decades of experience, he has helped senior management in firms around the world improve their results from portfolio management, product development, innovation and R & D. He’s known for finding simple answers to some of the most complicated strategic business issues and is an expert at measuring value and managing uncertainty.

He co-authored the bestselling book, “The Smart Organization: Creating Value through Strategic R & D” (Harvard Business School Press) and has authored numerous articles on innovation, portfolio management and decision-making. David is a Fellow at and on the board of the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP), an educator in Strategic Portfolio Management, and advises numerous startups. His Ph.D. is from Stanford University, where he has also taught Strategic Portfolio Management at the Stanford Center for Professional Development. When David isn’t showing executives how to bring about more profitable growth, he’s most likely outside riding his bike and celebrating with dark chocolate.

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