Digitalization Thought Leader Interview – Don Kinard, Lockheed Martin

Event Type
Thought Leader Interview

Digital Innovation, Leading Innovation Organizations

IRI’s Lee Green will interview Dr. Don Kinard, Senior Fellow, Production Operations, at Lockheed Martin. The focus of their discussion will be on digital twins:

  • Defining digital twins;
  • Use cases at Lockheed Martin;
  • Building trust in digital twins and their capabilities;
  • Creating and maintaining the infrastructure needed for effective digital twins, especially in legacy companies; and
  • Maintaining cybersecurity while using digital twins. 

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Don Kinard

Senior Fellow, Production Operations

Lockheed Martin

Dr. Don Kinard is a Senior Fellow for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Production Operations and has been with LM for 38 years.  Don supports Digital Transformation as well as programs such as F-35.  Prior to his current assignment he was lead for F-35 production rate transition and earlier the Director of F-35 Production Engineering responsible for Joint Strike Fighter Tooling, Planning, Manufacturing Engineering, and Aircraft Systems Testing.  Before joining F-35 in 2004 Dr. Kinard held various positions in both Engineering and Manufacturing during his 18 years on the F-22. Don is the lead for the LM Corporate Strategic Technology Advisory program for Advanced Manufacturing as well as the Manufacturing Fellow’s team whose objectives are to develop and share engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment technologies throughout all of the LM business units.   His technical interests include materials and structures, digital thread/twin integration, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, manufacturing technology, manufacturing system design, and production management.

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