Effectiveness of University Engagements

Rhonda Crate, Adjunct Professor, Washington State University and Principal Data Scientist/Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing, and Saurabh Sircar, Sr. Project Manager, Airspace Operational Efficiency, Boeing Research & Technology
Research project launch webinar
Wednesday April 14, 2021 1:00pm2:00pm

Analyzing data from university and industry partnerships allows for the understanding of systematic engagements. When R&D teams are geographically distributed and their university partners are also varied, companies would benefit from key analytical metrics: these can include degree of cohesion among the teams, intellectual property sharing, diversity of technical thought brought into the project, maturity (TRL) levels of research artifacts and the yield (measured in transferable technology and research products), and talent acquisition into R&D functions within the company.

This project will bring together quantitative data from the IRI archives as well as questionnaires and surveys of IRI members to establish these key analytical metrics for leveraging universities. This kick off webinar will lay out the groundwork for the project and establish the metrics that IRI members will find most valuable.