Improving Workplace Morale and Motivation Roundtable Webinar

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Research Project

Talent Management, Organization and Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic, so-called ‘Great Resignation’, and supply chain issues have led to significant changes in the day-to-day work of innovation and R&D practitioners.  Morale is always a key concern for management, but these changes have in some cases had a huge impact on how employees feel about their roles and their ability to function in them.  This roundtable is an opportunity to discuss concerns and learn how other IRI members are tackling this key issue.  It will be the first step in a new IRI research project that will identify best practices in improving R&D workplace morale and motivation.

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Dan Abramowicz

Executive Vice President, Technology and Regulatory Affairs

Crown Holdings, Inc.

Dan Abramowicz is Crown’s Chief Technology Officer with global responsibility for innovation and technology development across Crown’s business platforms, including a diverse range of metal packaging for food, beverages and consumer products. Before joining Crown, Dr. Abramowicz was a Technical Director in GE’s Global Research Center. Dr. Abramowicz received his B.S. degree in Chemistry and his B.A. degree in Mathematics from St. Francis University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physical Chemistry from Princeton University. Dr. Abramowicz is an active volunteer for non-profit organizations and he is currently serving in several leadership roles with such organizations, including Salus University, The Franklin Institute, and Conwell-Egan Catholic High School. Dr. Abramowicz has received several alumni honors, including election to the Wall-of Fame of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, recognition as a Distinguished Alumnus in Science from St. Francis University, and membership in the Andrew Fleming West Society of Princeton University.

Deb Kolenc

ICL Group

Ken Wigton

Director, Leadership Development & Workplace Experience

Michelman, Inc.

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