Innovation 201 Workshop

i201 Workshop at the Future of Flight Center -- Learn about the Business of Innovation
Boeing and IRI
Monday October 28, 2019 12:00pm5:00pm
Boeing Future of Flight Center, 8415 Paine Field Blvd, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Business of Innovation Conference

Students will gain a broader perspective on innovation designed to help them on-board more rapidly, perform better, and create more value for their organizations. Each section will start with a posed question to stimulate engagement and thought, and to understand the current state of innovation in participants’ firms. We will then move to a discussion of best practices/principles with group exercises.


Innovation 201

  • Introduction (45 min)

  • Innovation defined
  • Why corporate innovation is difficult
  • The map of innovation 
  • Interesting examples of different types of innovation
  • Key processes 

  • Stage-Gates (45 min)
    • General principles
    • Technology Stage-Gates (TRL)
    • New Product Development Stage-Gates 
    • Innovation Stage-Gates
  • Lean Startup (30 min) 
    • Principles
    • Examples
    • Practical issues in large companies
  • Portfolio management (3 Horizons model) (15 min)
  • Important tools 

  • Open Innovation (15 min)
  • Design and ethnography (15 min)
  • Idea generation (brainstorming) (15 min)
  • Working within the corporate environment (30 min)

  • Challenges
  • Evaluating your project with clear eyes 
  • Building support for your innovation

Note: You do not have to register for the Buisness of Innovation Conference to attend this workshop.