Intro Webinars to IRI's 2020 PILOT Projects

Thursday April 09, 2020Wednesday May 20, 2020

PILOT research projects launching this spring

In the midst of chaos, innovation continues and even grows.  This spring, IRI is launching four new research projects to help keep your organization innovating. 
How can we best allot self-directed innovation time to maximize creative performance? 
Kick off webinar: Tuesday, April 28, 12 - 1pm EDT
What can be done to improve the performance of the Horizon 2 Opportunity Portfolio, bridging the gap between the well-exercised processes of Horizon 3 Ideation (H3: 5+ years) portfolio and Horizon 1 Stage-Gate (H1: 1-2 years) project portfolio?
Kick off webinar: Wednesday May 20, 1 – 2pm EDT