January Brown Bag: Innovation Structure and Governance

Friday January 10, 2020 12:00pm1:00pm
At your desk

In the spring and summer of 2019, IRI sponsored research with its members to examine questions around innovation structure and governance.  Jeffrey Phillips teamed with Tim Dennison (Sealed Air), Michael Blades (National Gypsum) and Mike Blackburn (Cargill) to develop a questionnaire and gather data from interviews of IRI members about corporate innovation structure and governance.  The findings from that research were published in late fall 2019 on IRI’s website.


For our purposes, innovation structure can be defined as the team structures that are best for innovation.  Structures can be temporary project teams or permanent teams such as an incubator.  Innovation governance can be defined as the planning, expectations, budgets, staffing and measurements or metrics that are applied to each innovation activity.  Our research examined existing structure and governance and how effective current innovation structure and governance is for most corporations.


From the research we know that most IRI members (and likely many Fortune 500 companies) have multiple, concurrent innovation activities.  It’s also likely that each of these concurrent activities have different goals, are not managed using the same tools or methods and likely lack appropriate planning and funding. 


In the January 10th brownbag, Jeffrey will present the findings and discuss some of the more interesting insights from the research, along with key recommendations. This will include providing more context to the report that was published and adding some context and additional information from interviews with corporate innovators.

IRI members can watch a recording of this webinar below.