Monthly Innovation Leader Coffee Houses

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Innovation Leader Coffee House

Leading Innovation Organizations

Second Tuesday of every month:  11am – 12pm ET

The goal of the Innovation Leader Coffee House video conversations is to provide you with the opportunity to quickly benchmark with your peers and make sure you’re not overlooking any key considerations.  You should expect laid-back conversations and an excellent opportunity for you to network with your innovation peers monthly.  The agenda will change each month and participants are asked to come prepared with your questions and ideas to share. 

To receive a calendar invite for these sessions, please contact Kathy Hillegas

e creating transgender and LGBTQ+ communities at their organizations and how to create communities at your organization.  All participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and ask questions. 


October 11, 2022 – No Coffee House; Please join us at the Digital Futures conference!

November 8, 2022 – TBD

December 13, 2022 – Sustainability at Eastman Chemical

Steve Perri, Corporate Innovation Technology Manager at Eastman Chemical Company will discuss the journey to transform their operations and products to achieve bold new commitments to innovate for a sustainable future. He will share the philosophy behind their commitment to address climate change, mainstreaming circularity, and caring for society. Efforts to improve operations and reduce energy consumption helped them pave the way to transform several major production streams while addressing three crises. Eastman believes that these investments will help them achieve their goals and enhance the quality of life in a material way. Join us as Steve outlines this process and invites participants to share their experiences in developing and implementing a commitment to sustainable innovation for the future.

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