Opportunity Thinking Workshop

Thursday October 05, 2017 8:00am5:00pm
Omni Ft. Worth Hotel

Workshop Overview

Growth starts with killing ideas! Have you ever seen the potential for growth, but the ideas developed have not delivered? This is all too common. Ideas alone are failing us! It takes about 3,000 ideas to get to 100 projects, which result in only two launches, producing, on average, one product that breaks even. Taking an opportunity-centered approach can drastically improve those odds.  With tightening R&D budgets, less organizational patience for seeing returns, and a faster pace of change in the competitive environment, it is more important than ever to define and select the right opportunities and to use them to build bigger ideas.

Opportunity Thinking enables a better understanding of real opportunities, turning insights into bigger ideas that truly deliver.  In this one-day course, you will be exposed to a series of highly intuitive, “sticky” tools to help you drive greater efficiencies in R&D, inspire your business partners with a vision of the opportunities, and create a culture that approaches opportunity in more strategic ways.  Take tools and templates back to your organization and implement immediately.  On top of that, the tools can be used in conjunction with and to enhance existing processes for the front end of innovation and product portfolio management.  



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Course participants will learn about

1.    Opportunities versus Ideas:  How to define each and toggle between them to get to bigger ideas and crisper opportunities
2.    Opportunity Formula: The three components of an opportunity.  The model brings together market pull, technology push and the broader set of conditions and trends 
3.    Opportunity Roadmaps:  Shift thinking from roadmapping projects and technologies to the broader question of roadmapping opportunities.  


Workshop Instructor

The class will be taught by Pam Henderson, Ph.D., who has worked with IRI for almost 10 years as a subject-matter expert on how to bridge the gap between tech push and market pull.  Dr. Henderson is CEO of NewEdge, Inc., a growth, strategy and design firm that advises companies across every industry from Fortune 500 to startups and non-profits. Originally on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Pam later worked with the national laboratory system and Washington State University to commercialize early stage technologies. Pam speaks internationally and has published widely on market insight, business and innovation strategy, and design and has received recognition in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and NPR. 

Pam is also the author of a book on Opportunity Thinking, titled You Can Kill An Idea, But You Can’t Kill An Opportunity! How to Discover News Sources of Growth for Your Organization. 


Venue & Reservations

Omni Ft. Worth Hotel   

1300 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: (817) 535-6664

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