SPRING Early Access Event - Trend Immersion to SXSW Intelligent Futures Track

Friday March 09, 2018Monday March 12, 2018
Austin, TX

Experience the intelligent futures that will soon impact your business – at SXSW! Join peers and experts from RTI International on a SXSW agenda curated especially for IRI members.

SPRING is an IRI program designed to help you learn about the current state and key drivers of emerging trends, uncover threats and opportunities for your business, and help you shape your innovation and business strategy. As entrepreneurial guru Steve Blank is fond of saying, “there are no answers inside your building.”  

This is the first in a series of SPRING trend immersion trips. Don’t miss the opportunity to join RTI International experts from the very beginning of the research journey. To learn more, contact Lee Green for more information.

Why should IRI members attend?
Signals of emerging opportunities and global shifts are often discussed, launched, or gain traction at events like SXSW. Twitter and many other successful disruptive startups have used SXSW as a launching point to accelerate their growth. Even those that go bust signal technological and consumer trends that will shape the coming years. 

The SPRING program is built on the conviction that you can’t gain or act on foresight by simply reading a single report. We’re building a vision of possible futures – and the ability to act – through immersion and shared experience. Join us.