SPRING Webinar - AI-Driven Swarm Intelligence Session with Unanimous AI

Unanimous AI
Tuesday October 09, 2018 11:00am
at your desk

Curious about what an artificial intelligence enabled tool actually does and what it would be like to use one?  Join in an A.I enabled “swarm” to build better collective insights!

In this interactive session you will:

  • Learn about Unanimous AI’s (UAI) online swarm AI tool.
  • Use the UAI tool to “swarm” with the online group to answer a series of SPRINGBOARD questions and rapidly come to consensus with other participants.
  • Contribute, via this swarm event, to the insights IRI/RTI will use to shape day two of the SPRINGBOARD conference and improve your conference experience.
  • Get a sneak peak at one of the visionary companies and exhibitors coming to present at SPRINGBOARD.
Swarm AI technology, developed by Unanimous AI, employs a unique combination of real-time human input and AI algorithms that are modeled after swarms in nature. Swarm Intelligence is the reason why birds flock, bees swarm, and fish school – they are smarter together than alone. Nature shows us that by forming closed-loop systems, groups can produce insights that greatly exceed the abilities of any individual member.  While humans have not evolved this ability naturally, Swarm AI technology enables this artificially, allowing groups to amplify their intelligence by forming real-time swarms.   
The winner of Best in Show & AI Innovation of the Year at SXSW 2018, Unanimous’ Swarm AI technology has been used in a number of high-profile and high-stakes applications. In a breakthrough experiment with Stanford University School of Medicine published this month, a swarm of radiologists were able make more accurate pneumonia diagnoses than either the doctors themselves or the most state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms. A swarm of pilots helped Boeing test and evaluate prototypes; a swarm of movie fans beat every expert on record at the Oscars in 2018; and swarms have generated insights for the Washington Post, Tech Crunch, TIME, Forbes and a host of Fortune 500 companies.  
You can learn more about Swarm Intelligence here: