TRACK Workshop: IP Strategy for the Chemical/Biopharma Industry

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IP Management, Risk Management, Tools and Techniques, Strategic Planning

IP Strategies supporting key market segments provide effective direction for R&D. The point of developing the frameworks for IP Strategies is to prioritize R&D opportunities based on cross-functional input- technical, IP legal and market input must be considered. An IP strategy-driven organization results from business initiating, technical driving, and cross-functional team participating and providing resources to establish and maintain key processes.

This course is designed to provide enough background for participants to begin developing processes for IP strategy execution. It will include guidance on specific training on IP for the organization, the process for managing the patent portfolio, assessing invention quality- for good quality patent applications, and assembling cross-functional teams to understand competitor and customer IP strategies, identify opportunities and execute IP strategy.

We will discuss the challenges of communication of the developing IP strategy to various functions. IP legal, technical and business/ strategic marketing would need a different level of communication to gather input. The course will feature practical examples based on the real-world experiences of the instructor. It will include hands-on break-out sessions that will give participants confidence in applying these concepts.

Upon completion, participants will be able to start developing an understanding of their competitors’ IP strategy and identify opportunities for building IP fences.

1. What is Intellectual Property Strategy? How is it helpful in protecting key market segments?

2. What are key elements of IP Strategy and tools/resources needed to have IP strategy?

3. Examples of executed IP strategy in real life.

4. Workshop group project – understand who key players are, understand their IP strategies, identify opportunities and prioritize action.

Who should attend: Ideal is anyone with an interest in Intellectual property. Experienced and a beginner will both benefit from the discussions and learnings.

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Non Members: $395 

Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class.

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Silvia Szep

Intellectual Property Strategy Laureate

DuPont Electronics and Infrastructure

Silvia Szep is Intellectual Property Strategy Laureate for DuPont Electronics and Infrastructure business, leading the Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy and Trade Secret Protection practices across the business.   Previously Silvia was Intellectual Capital Manger for DuPont Transportation and Advanced Polymers and Nutrition and Health businesses, responsible for managing the patent and technical information carve out as part of the Dow DuPont merger, and managing the patent portfolio for Automotive Adhesives.   Silvia joined the Dow Core R&D as a technical analyst in 2011.  As the focal point for Dow Electronic Materials, she supported the business with technical patent search, patentability, freedom-to-operate (FTO), litigation and landscape analysis for IP strategy development.   She has worked closely with inventors and patent attorneys and trained the technical organization on patents and patent search.   She moved to the Dow Food and Pharma business as intellectual capital manager in 2016.  She developed processes for patent portfolio auditing and invention concept quality control.  She developed IP strategy for protecting major product platforms.   Her work resulted in multiple invention disclosures and patent applications.   Silvia moved to Electronics and Infrastructure in 2019 -her current role, supporting the technical organization across all the business units  in establishing processes for  patent portfolio auditing,  invention concept quality control, confidential information protection and IP strategy development.  She mentors 40+ technical IP focal points on aspects of IP management and IP strategy development across the business, and leads cross functional IP strategy reviews for business leadership.   She provides global training on patents, information release and trade secrets.   Prior to joining Dow, Silvia was a Research Scientist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Pennsylvania.  She holds a B.A. in Chemistry/ Biochemistry from Swarthmore College, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry/ Biophysics from Yale University, and is member of the US Patent Bar.

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