TRACK Workshop: Making Open Innovation Work

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New Business Development, Alliances/Collaborations, Strategic Planning, Technology Scouting

This workshop is designed to teach best practices for creating and managing an effective Open Innovation/External Technology program that involves interactions with other companies, universities, federal laboratories and innovation intermediaries. It teaches about effective mechanisms for accessing and integrating technology from these external sources using this disciplined 5-step approach: Want-Find-Assess-Get-Manage.

Attendees will learn about best practices for each step, including:

  • Creation of an external technology needs list
  • Technology scouting
  • Assessment of external technologies
  • Establishment & management of technology partnerships

Attendees will become familiar with useful tools as they relate to Open Innovation/External Technology – including Blueprinting, Design for Six Sigma, the Alliance Framework and others. They will learn about the value of consortia, centers and institutes in an External Technology program, and they will discover useful resources for the creation and execution of an effective External Technology program, including the IRI’s External Technology Network and various Open Innovation intermediaries. The course will feature practical illustrations based on the real-world experiences of the instructor during the past 35 years.

Workshop Outline: The course consists of these 6 modules, each with its own learning objectives:

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. Want
  3. Find
  4. Assess
  5. Get
  6. Manage

The first module covers some “big picture” considerations — the motivation for starting an Open Innovation/External Technology program, developing a strategy for external technology, the optimum structure for an external technology effort, staffing considerations, budget considerations and legal considerations.

The bulk of the course covers the Want-Find-Assess-Get-Manage approach for managing an Open Innovation/External Technology program. There is a separate learning module for each of the five steps in the process.

The session will include instant polls and short break-out sessions that facilitate sharing and networking among the participants.

Who should attend: This course is intended for people in organizations that are looking to supplement their internal R&D activities with an effective Open Innovation/External Technology program that involves interacting with other companies, with universities, with federal laboratories, and with open innovation intermediaries.

In its entirety, the course is geared towards various individuals who are responsible for Open Innovation and External Technology within their organization. The Want and Find modules can help technology scouts become more effective in their jobs. The Assess, Get and Manage modules can help R&D managers with external technology assessment, intellectual property considerations, and effective project management involving external partners. The course concludes with a discussion of metrics for an Open Innovation/External Technology program and examples of success stories.

Here are some roles that would benefit from this course:

  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Open Innovation Managers
  • External Technology Leaders
  • Technology Scouts
  • Technology Assessment Managers
  • Technology Transfer Managers
  • Directors of Corporate Partnerships

Registration Fees:

IRI Members: $295
Non Members: $395 

Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class.

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Joe Fox

Joe is an experienced veteran of the specialty chemicals and materials industries with a track record of scientific innovation, successful development, scale-up, and commercialization of next generation technology, and leadership of large-scale, complex projects and high performance multidisciplinary teams. Joe is a Ph.D. chemist with broad technical expertise spanning organic polymers, inorganic materials, organometallic catalysts, ceramics, and composites. He has led successful efforts to develop and commercialize thermoset resin technology for fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite, adhesive, foundry binder & coating applications. Joe has utilized an array of tools, including Blueprinting and Design for Six Sigma, to identify attractive market opportunities, obtain the Voice of The Customer, and capture new business. Joe has an extensive network of companies, universities, federal laboratories and open innovation intermediaries. He has created and managed complex industry-university-federal laboratory partnerships that bring together the skill sets necessary for success and that leverage federal and state funding. Joe has strong interpersonal, organizational and facilitation skills and is an articulate communicator and presenter of ideas, concepts and results. He is a leader who motivates others with his energy and his passion. Key strengths include: • New Business Development • Voice of the Customer • External Collaborations & Partnerships • Program / Project Management • Technology Scouting / Technology Transfer • Strategic Analysis Joe was the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) and had also served on the boards of Polymer Ohio & the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center. He had served as co-chair of the IRI’s External Technology Network, as chairman of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, and as a member of the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council. Joe also serves as the director of the Miracle League of Central Ohio, a baseball league for special needs children.

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