Webinar: Coping with Quarantine--Lessons and Recommendations from Space Analog and ISS Experience

Presented by Jack Stuster, PhD (Cultural Anthropologist, President & Principal Scientist of Anacapa Sciences, Inc.)
Virtual Webinar
Thursday June 04, 2020 11:00am

This webinar will examine practices for coping with isolation based on data from historic polar expeditions and the modern-day missions of the International Space Station. These lessons will look at different sources of stress in these isolated environments, methods to combat these stressors, and how leaders can apply these recommendations in their own virtual teams.

Jack Stuster, PhD, is a cultural anthropologist specializing in the measurement and enhancement of human performance in extreme environments. One of his recent research projects includes a study conducted for DARPA to identify factors that contribute to survival and casualties as part of the training program for the Expedition Corps. He is a member of several government advisory groups, including a task analysis for the first human expedition to Mars.