Webinar: Game On, Hands On: Gamification Learning Tools that Transform Organizations

presented by Angela Feigl and Luis Vale of the LAV-Group
Monday March 16, 2020 1:00pm2:00pm
at your desk

In a time of digital transformation, with new trends and disruptions accelerating the need for organizational change, each level and function of the organization needs to be ready and agile. To successfully strengthen if not reinvent your business model, you need to be able to build upon your strengths and skills, optimize the existing and master the new. Technology, such as business simulations, can help you to engage, empower and grow your people and foster a high performing environment. In this interactive session we will make you experience a business simulation round as an example of a gamified tool that you can leverage from recruitment to innovation, from operations to emotional intelligence, to grow your people, and grow your organization.