Webinar: How did they get where they are today? CTO Career Paths Panel Discussion

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Leading Innovation Organizations, Talent Management

Learn about the career paths that three top CTOs took to rise to their positions. In this panel discussion, Alexa Dembek, Julie Williams-Byrd, and Daniel Abramowicz will share critical experiences they had in their career, the role of mentorship played in their development, and detours they took along the way. Those early in their careers will benefit from hearing about the ways the panelists believe the role of CTO will change in the next 5 – 10 years and the skills and experience they think will be critical.

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Daniel Abramowicz

Executive Vice President, Technology and Regulatory Affairs

Crown Holdings, Inc.

Dan Abramowicz is Crown’s Chief Technology Officer with global responsibility for innovation and technology development across Crown’s business platforms.  These efforts include new product design, new process development, material developments, engineering, modeling, process monitoring and cost reductions across the breadth of Crown’s packaging products (food cans and ends; beverage cans and ends; aerosol containers; metal vacuum closures; crowns; promotional packaging; and packaging equipment).  In addition, Dr. Abramowicz heads Crown’s Environment, Health and Safety Organization and is a member of the Crown Sustainability Steering Committee. Before joining Crown, Dr. Abramowicz was a Technical Director in GE’s Global Research Center.  In this leadership role he was responsible for innovation and technology development across GE’s Industrial and Consumer Businesses, including Appliances, Lighting, Transportation Systems, Industrial Control Systems and Electrical Distribution & Control. Dr. Abramowicz received his B.S. degree in Chemistry and his B.A. degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from St. Francis University and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physical Chemistry from Princeton University. Dr. Abramowicz is an active volunteer for non-profit organizations and he is currently serving in several leadership roles with such organizations, including Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at Salus University; Chair of the Executive Corporate Board and member of the Board of Trustees of The Franklin Institute; and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School.  He is also the Past-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Innovation Research Interchange, the Advisory Board of Clemson’s Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Science and the Board of Governors of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni. Dr. Abramowicz has received several honors for alumni, including election to the Wall-of Fame of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, recognition as a Distinguished Alumnus in Science from St. Francis University, and membership in the Andrew Fleming West Society of Princeton University.

Julie Williams-Byrd

Julie Williams-Byrd

Center Chief Technologist

NASA Langley Research Center

Ms. Julie Williams-Byrd is an Electro-Optics Engineer at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC).  As NASA Langley’s Center Chief Technologist, Ms. Williams-Byrd advises the LaRC Office of Director and the Centers’ senior leadership on research and technology development matters aligned with the center’s strategic goals and provides technical leadership for planning, management and evaluation of comprehensive, Center-wide technology development activities with an emphasis on early stage technologies.  She also leads and performs technology related studies and activities for the NASA Chief Technologist at NASA Headquarters. Prior to becoming Center Chief Technologist, she was a Senior Systems analyst. Ms. Williams-Byrd led and managed the integration function for a multi-center capability and technology team.   This team was an Agency-wide team of subject matter experts that identify capability needs that will enable NASA’s human exploration missions.  She performed the assessment of a variety of discipline capabilities, functions and performance metrics against human exploration mission goals and conceptual exploration architecture elements and design reference missions.  These accomplishments, a first of their kind, are considered revolutionary, of exceptional technical merit and have provided significant impact for NASA.  The identification of these capabilities directly influenced Agency strategic investment decisions for human spaceflight initiates. Ms. Williams-Byrd also has extensive expertise in developing solid-state laser systems in LIDARS that perform remote sensing of the atmosphere.  As an electro-optics engineer Ms. Williams-Byrd provided project leadership for the development of advanced solid-state laser systems and lidar systems for Center and Agency programs. Ms. Williams-Byrd earned B.S and M.S. degrees in Physics from Hampton University.  She is the author of numerous technical publications. She is committed to encouraging young scientist and engineers through mentoring and community outreach activities advocating careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). She is featured on the NASA Modern Figures and Woman of NASA (WON) websites.

Alexa Dembek

Alexa Dembek

Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer


Dr. Alexa Dembek is the Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer for DuPont. Alexa is a born problem-solver, innovator and education advocate. Through her leadership, she actively champions the company’s purpose, while building enduring partnerships with customers and other strategic partners. The business success Alexa has achieved is emblematic of her passion for enabling innovation to flourish, a consistent theme spanning her 30-year career at DuPont. Among her many accomplishments, she transformed the company’s centralized R&D model to a more responsive, market-oriented innovation machine embedded within each of the company’s businesses. Today, Alexa leads business, innovation and sustainability strategy alignment to make the most impactful portfolio choices for DuPont. She is passionate about elevating the role sustainability and ESG matters play in guiding investment decisions. Through her leadership, Alexa established DuPont’s 2030 Sustainability Goals ensuring sustainability is embedded in the company’s enterprise-wide strategy for long-term growth and value creation. Alexa joined DuPont as a research chemist and a technical manager, with increasing levels of responsibility in supply chain, operations, sales and marketing. She held leadership positions in Advanced Fibers Systems, Building Innovations and Performance Polymers. In addition, she served as Global Business Director for the corporate new business development venture in Energy Storage and led the company’s Central Research and Development function before being named to her current role. Both in her work for DuPont and her personal endeavors, Alexa is a passionate champion of talent development and mentorship for the next generation of innovators. Through her involvement in education initiatives, she creates opportunity through diverse, cross-generational collaboration. She serves on the dean’s advisory board for Penn State’s Eberly College of Science and is a member of the board of directors for the Delaware Innovation Space. Alexa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Northern Illinois University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University.

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