Webinar: U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories of the Future (LOTF)

U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories of the Future
Thursday November 12, 2020 11:00am12:00pm

DOE labs are globally recognized masters of science at scale, interdisciplinary research, and operating national user facilities. However, they are entering eighth decade of operation and retain vestiges of their World War II-era roots. We want to ensure the laboratories excel for next 70 years, as well as take advantage of new technological opportunities that could transform the way research is performed. This is what is driving our effort to create a vision for the Laboratories of the Future. The purpose of this exercise is to consider future possibilities without worrying about limitations or constraints presented by the current laboratory structure or legal environment. The core question is what would the DOE laboratories be like if we had the power to make them any way we wanted?

Agenda discussion questions:

Lab Impact/Role/Purpose

  1. Are there roles that the laboratories could or should be filling in the future that they are not performing now?
  2. Are there aspects of laboratory impact that could be enhanced?


       3. What are successful examples of modular/adaptable labs?
       4. What type of workspace promotes team science?


       5. How do institutions effectively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?
       6. How can flow between sectors be encouraged?

Science and Technology

       7. How do institutions transition research portfolios effectively as S&T evolves and/or to respond to a crisis?
       8. How do institutions maintain flexibility in research budgeting?

Partnerships and External Engagements

       9. How do institutions facilitate and/or incentivize external partnerships, tech transfer?
      10. How do institutions create or maintain a strong network across a group of institutions?


      11. What are keys to governance of successful laboratories?


      12. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the labs, what would it be?
      13. What is most important lab aspect(s) to remain the same?