General Manager, Innovation Management

Purpose & Scope
The Innovation Manager will:
  • Provide corporate innovation and growth leadership through strong innovation management in alignment with overall business front end strategies.
  • Enhance alignment and linkage around the innovation management platform to support the acceleration of (COMPANY)’s growth portfolio by widening the organic growth rate
Key Responsibilities
  • Focus will be on broadening open innovation of long-term capabilities (e.g., innovation, IP, technology scouting) and evaluating emerging technologies Align innovation efforts with Market and Product Plans, enterprise strategy/initiatives, and Technology Roadmaps.
  • Manage, lead, and develop a team focused on open innovation, technology scouting, and intellectual property (IP) management.
  • Identify and create innovation platform opportunities in collaboration with senior R&D management.
  • Collaborate with external stakeholders to better utilize (COMPANY)’s capabilities.
  • Create value around stranded technologies to further (COMPANY)'s growth aspirations and improve R&D effectiveness .
  • Set the open innovation strategy for outside collaboration to marry internal capabilities with external opportunities into a stronger profitability and growth agenda Technology Scouting.
  • Provide initial leadership and guidance for program management on government advocacy programs and university-based projects and obtain government/state funding.
  • Via technology scouting activities, identify emerging technologies, channel technology related information into an organization, and identify potential sources for acquisition of technologies. Using the output of technology scouting activities, develop collaborative research backed by Joint Development Agreements (JDA) Intellectual Property (IP) Management.
  • Lead and manage (COMPANY)’s IP process (e.g., run IP meetings, drive decisions on patents, etc.) in collaboration with Legal and FEUs.
  • Develop a growth strategy on IP opportunities in new market segments.
  • Identify opportunities to license and/or sell underutilized technologies.
Skills & Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering required, Master of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering preffered.
  • Builds, leverages partnerships w/internal stakeholders and external contacts (e.g., govt, univ).
  • Broad understanding of engineering processes and technical requirements.
  • Strong intellectual property knowledge.
  • Complies w/regulations and obtains JDA/NDA agreements appropriately.
  • Demonstrates strong technical, problem-solving skills.
  • Leverages a wide breadth and depth of technical experience.
Problem Solving
  • 10% Patterned: Evaluation and management of regular patents, regular university relationships, and standardized technology scouting opportunities.
  • 20% Interpolative: Marketing of stranded intellectual property (that is, selling/leasing/leveraging IP outside of (COMPANY) that has been generated but does not align with current (COMPANY) strategies).
  • 35% Adaptive: Use of core technologies for new markets or product/process opportunities.
  • 35% Uncharted: Identification of disruptive technologies and incubation of those technologies; evaluation of mega trends.