Information for ROR Working Groups

IRI Research: Two Types of Projects

  1. Strategic projects: These projects are developed by IRI based on member input (Voice of Member data, task forces). They are managed by members and IRI staff. Examples include IRI2038 and the Digitalization and R&D research platform.  If you are interested in learning more about these projects, contact Lee Green 
  2. Research on Research (ROR) working group projects: These projects are initiated and managed by members with support from IRI.  Read on to learn how to initiate your own project.  

I have a topic I would like to explore turning into a project. What do I do now?

  1. Make sure your topic will help you in your day job and your boss is on board with you spending time working on it.
  2. Read the Co-Chair Guidelines to ensure you understand the process and what will be expected of you.
  3. Work with IRI staff to determine the level of interest from other IRI members and form your core team (see 'Requirements to Lead an ROR').
  4. Study the Proposal Evaluation Criteria and complete the ROR Working Group Proposal Form and submit it to Lee Green.
  5. You will receive feedback from the Knowledge Leadership Team. If you proposal is approved, work with Lee Green to get your group on the agenda for the next live meeting and generate interest in your group from the IRI membership.
  6. You will be assigned a liaison and, if needed, a mentor from the Knowledge Leadership Team. Let Lee Green know if you have any preferences from among the team members.
  7. You and your team will create a project plan and submit it to the Leadership Team for feedback.
  8. If you need any assistance throughout the life of your project, please contact Lee Green.

Requirements to Lead an ROR Working Group

Those who would like to co-chair an ROR Working Group must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Membership in IRI; and 
  • Significant interest in the topic and a desire to create/identify best practices for the topic.

In establishing the Working Group, the co-chairs must ensure that the group has a minimum of two active co-chairs and is strongly encouraged to have three – four, who will lead the project, an active core team of participants that could also include additional co-chairs, and, potentially, SMEs and IRI Emeritus members. The co-chairs must also take into consideration whether they will be able to contribute the amount of time that the project will require. Ideally, the project will be a part of or will help you in your job.  You will be assigned a member of the Knowledge Leadership team as a liaison/mentor. Please let IRI staff know if you have a preference as to a particular member of the team early in the process.

General ROR Project Structure

ROR projects generally fall into one of two categories: Identify & Share and Create & Develop. Identify & Share projects involve gathering all of the available knowledge and best practices on a subject and condensing them into a useful format. Create & Develop projects take this a step further and aim to create new knowledge on a subject and develop a new tool or practice. Most projects will follow the plan outlined below.

What are the required deliverables?

View this helpful infographic for a quick overview of project deliverables.  Each project is required to produce an executive summary (2 - 3 pages) upon completion of their project. Most groups will also report out to the IRI membership by publishing an RTM article, holding a session at an IRI meeting, creating a playbook, or running workshops or webinars. Other means of reporting out are welcomed and encouraged by the Leadership Team.

What if I run into problems while working on my ROR?

The IRI staff liaison, Lee Green, and the ROR Leadership Team are always happy to help and offer solutions to potential problems and roadblocks. Your first port of call should be your mentor from the Leadership Team or Lee Green.