The IRI Experience - The Best ROI of Time

Managing technology and innovation is complex, with many parts that a technology management executive needs to be considering, shaping, and positioning. And, consequently, an IRI event is more than just your regular conference experience. It is an orchestrated immersion of listening, applying, and learning with a set of exceptional peers, in an environment highly conducive to learning. IRI meeting attendees are not your ordinary conference attendees, either. They are very intelligent, highly skilled, senior level technology executives who are inquisitive, open to sharing, and willing to roll up their sleeves and get immersed in learning how to better their own organizations.

What is different about the IRI Annual Meeting experience? 

  1. The In-Person Experience is Key

    • Cognitive science research has shown that peer discussion, active participation, and engagement with content enhances learning over a litany of keynote presenters. Some examples: Bonwell and Eison, 1991; Prince, 2004 
    • The IRI Annual Meeting is not a bunch of talking heads, but a purposely designed experience. IRI designs the IRI meeting experience to amplify the ability of attendees to process and apply concepts so that the ideas will stick.
    • Sessions are built in to help you synthesize and take time to apply concepts at your own organization, with the ability to get feedback from your peers.
  2. Peer Networking is the Greatest Value (and we provide all the tools to maximize your networking experience)

    • Extended, 45-minute networking breaks are there for a reason! Your best learning and a-ha moments will come in between sessions and during discussions with your peers.  
    • The meeting provides lots of opportunities, both structured and unstructured, to help you connect with your peers, including meal and reception functions, long breaks, facilitated conversation corner discussions, small interactive sessions, and more.
    • Impromptu meetings – The IRIMobile app allows you to book pop-up meetings with your peers in one of our reserved meeting rooms.
    •  Member Profiles – Your member profile enhances your ability to connect with others who are experienced in areas you want to learn more about, or who are also interested in networking on the topics you want to talk about.
    •  “The many side conversations with attendees, as always, yielded many topics that we will continue working on together. The networking opportunities remain one of the main benefits of these meetings." - Jim Charron, Vice President, Application Development, Bayer MaterialScience  (now Covestro).
  3. IRI Research  – Working sessions let you explore new ways to manage innovation with your peers

    • IRI was the birthplace of many an innovation management philosophy, including open innovation, stage-gate, and more. Browse our latest research projects to explore the next phase of technological innovation leadership.
    • IRI Research is developed by members for members, to address member pain points in areas where current tools are inadequate or in need of refocusing on practical, actionable application.
  4. Voice of the Member - Key meeting themes come from our work listening to you

    • IRI members tell us what keeps them up at night, and what are important areas to their business in which they need new tools. These insights form the themes for our meeting, ensuring we connect you to the topics you need to talk about.

What Value Will I Get from the Meeting and What Will I Take Away?

  1. New Insights – Here’s a sampling of takeaways you will get at the 2017 Annual Meeting: 

    • Explore companies utilizing customer insight in their product development to dramatically improve market results
    • Learn strategies to manage competing sources of technologies to develop the “right” portfolio
    • Develop the skills needed to conduct business experiments for business model innovation
    • Learn the importance of the “jobs-to-be-done” theory for your R&D team to quantify customer insights
    • Discover new approaches to drive innovation with idea generation
    • Gain tips and best practices on using open source innovation tools
  2. IRI Meeting Summary - Your pre-prepared “Trip Report” 

    • IRI staff and volunteers work throughout the meeting to provide you with a summary of the meeting with key takeaways from plenary sessions in a handy PowerPoint format for you to share with your colleagues back in the office. This summary is posted on the web and a link emailed to all attendees within hours of the last meeting session.
  3. Build Your Network of People to Reach Out to When You Need Help.  

    • Walk away with business cards of senior technology leaders in a diverse range of industries who are traditionally very open to helping one another. See who is currently registered for the meeting.
  4. Preview Innovation Service Providers and Potential Technology Partners 

    • During IRI’s Innovation Showcase, an evening reception exhibit hall (includes hearty hors d’ouevres and an open bar), while you also network with your peers.
Need more help making the case to attend?  Here is a template of how to make your case.