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Customized Training Workshops

Like many other business decisions, choosing training for your organization is strategic. As an alternative to the scheduled workshops, IRI professional development can customize training workshops to meet your team or organization’s specific needs based on your format and schedule preferences.

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Join Professional Development Committee

The professional development program is led by an advisory committee of dedicated IRI members working on keeping the program with the newest offerings and always looking for new ambassadors for the IRI training.

Contact Victoria Kanevsky should you have any questions regarding professional development.

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Shaping Innovation Leaders

Gain a competitive edge by equipping your high-potential innovation leaders with better business skills.

This intensive one-week course delivers the skills, concepts, language, and tools that innovation leaders need to make more effective strategic decisions and communicate those decisions to those in different business functions.

Upcoming Events

IRI Workshop: Tesla’s Patent Portfolio – Connecting Business Strategy to IP Strategy
1 pm – 4:30 pm

Digital Innovation, Technology Roadmapping, Tools and Techniques
IRI Workshop: Advanced Services for Manufacturers
11 am – 2:30 pm

Digital Innovation, Technology Roadmapping, Tools and Techniques